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Education in Emergencies Day 1: Technical and Operational Preparedness for Rapid Response

Preparedness is essential to respond more efficiently and effectively in times of crisis, to ensure children’s learning continuity, enable their protection, wellbeing, and safety, and to support access to other lifesaving services through learning spaces, such as provision of food, clean water, and…

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Interactive Capacity Development for System Innovation in Development co-operation​ (IXUS) Toolkit Series

During 2022 and 2023, Save the Children Sweden, Sida, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and several Swedish organisations working in the international development space came together to collectively explore how they could better understand complex adaptive social-ecological systems, including the…

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Learn, experiment, learn

 Develop your (and your team’s) skills in lateral thinking, experimentation, and iteration.

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Embracing uncertainty

Learn about the important systems entrepreneurship skills of holding unanswered questions, openness, ongoing sense-making, and pattern recognition.

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Changemaker self-care

Learn and develop changemaker practices of self-care.

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Connect your social-ecological lens

Do some systems detecting to sleuth out the social-ecological connections in your wider system of interest.

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Evaluating in complexity

In complex contexts, we must think about evaluation differently—but how? Learn about evaluating in an unfolding, developmental way.

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Understanding your economic systems

Research and reflect on the large economic system(s) within which sit the problems you’re tackling.

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Findings from Cross-Sectional Survey of First-Time Mothers in Dodoma Region, Tanzania

The Connect project implements community and facility-based interventions to increase first-time mothers’ (FTMs) postpartum family planning (PPFP) use, and that have potential for sustainability through institutionalization in existing government and community health systems. A baseline study was…

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Get more wicked

Go deeper into understanding what wicked problems and wicked questions are.

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