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«Rasisme er overalt.» Barn og unges stemmer om fordommer og rasisme

With this report, Save the Children Norway wants to lift children and young people’s experiences and voices about prejudice and racism. We want to contribute with knowledge about how children and young people experience and deal with racism in their weekday. In addition, we want to…

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Colombia and Lebanon Evaluation Report: Measuring the impact of cash on child protection outcomes

As humanitarian crises break down traditional protection mechanisms and the loss of income restricts access to basic resources, children become increasingly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) is a critical modality that is increasingly being…

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Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies during Infectious Disease Outbreaks eLearning Course

This 60 minute eLearning course is designed to equip learners with foundational knowledge on how to protect, promote, and support recommended infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices in humanitarian settings during outbreak preparedness and response. It was developed by the READY initiative…

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Projet PROTEJEM: “Amélioration de la protection des enfants et jeunes en mobilité sur les routes migratoires de l’Afrique de l’ouest»

Le présent rapport sert de rapport d’évaluation finale du projet « PROTEJEM », qui vise à l’amélioration de la protection des enfants et jeunes en mobilité sur les routes migratoires d’Afrique de l’Ouest. Ce projet a été mis en oeuvre suite à une constatation concernant la mobilité des…

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Starka mammor – trygga barn 3/3: Dubbelpluggande barn hinner aldrig vara lediga

Irina berättar om sin sjuttonåriga son som går i ukrainsk och svensk skola samtidigt. Han är väldigt stressad och hinner aldrig vara ledig. I studion Eva Harnesk, projektledare för Starka mammor – trygga barn och Anders Linquist, krissamordnare på Skolverket som pratar om ukrainska barns…

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Save the Children: Who We Are

This short document is for anyone who wishes to learn more about Save the Children – who we are, what we do, and how we create positive, lasting change for and with children.

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Rubrics 11: A Toolkit to Address Child Discrimination and Exclusion

Sponsorship’s new rubric-enhanced MEAL system, piloted in El Salvador, Zambia, and the Philippines, provides a nuanced way of capturing important, intangible outcomes such as children’s experiences of inequality and discrimination, equitable family environments, and empowered communities creating…

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2023 IDELA Endline Report: BAANA Programme in Wakiso District, Uganda

With a global shift to improve the quality, and not simply the quantity, of education, SCI has developed programs that focus on strengthening school readiness skills among 3–6-year-old children in order that they may be better prepared for and succeed in the beginning years of school. SC Uganda…

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Hope Amidst War: The Ukraine Conflict Two Years On

It’s been two years since the war in Ukraine escalated in February 2022 and there is still no end in sight. From the very beginning, we have worked alongside partners to provide humanitarian aid and essential services to millions of families across Ukraine and neighbouring countries. For the past…

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Child-Sensitive Social Protection: An investment case for Child-Sensitive Social Protection in Zambia

This report and a series of case studies were conducted to gather evidence on which child-sensitive social protection (CSSP) programs in Malawi, Uganda, Somalia, and Zambia are most beneficial and cost-efficient in the long term. The analysis then examines measures these governments have taken to…

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