Coordination & Information Management Starter Pack

The Starter Pack for Child Protection Coordinators and Information Management Officers is a set of core tools and examples for each phase of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.

The CP AoR Starter Pack is a living set of resources to support Child Protection Coordination and Information Management, consisting of guidance and country examples per Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) phase.   Documents in the Starter Pack complement the Child Protection Coordination Handbook.  

To view or download the full Starter Pack, click here. Or click the phases in the diagram below to view documents relevant to each programme cycle phase.  

To ask questions or contribute to this Starter Pack with your country examples, contact  

Humanitarian Programme Cycle

Click on the interactive icon or button below to navigate through the different phases of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle to find associated guidance, tools, templates, resources, and country examples for effective cluster coordination and information management.

The humanitarian programme cycle (HPC) is a coordinated series of actions undertaken to help prepare for, manage and deliver humanitarian response. It consists of five elements coordinated in a seamless manner, with one step logically building on the previous and leading to the next. Successful implementation of the humanitarian programme cycle is dependent on effective emergency preparedness, effective coordination with national/local authorities and humanitarian actors, information management, and accountability to affected populations.  

To learn more about the HPC elements, click on the topics in the chart, or read more at OCHA's dedicated webpage.


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