The members of the CP AoR are humanitarian organisations who are interested in improving coordinated responses for child protection. This also includes national and local entities that are members of field-based child protection coordination groups in cluster and early warning settings. The CP AoR has evolved in an inclusive spirit since its inception in 2007.

In addition to our Strategic Advisory Group members, membership is open to organisations, not individuals, and requires a letter of commitment from director level within the organisation. Members commit to:

  • Uphold, use and actively promote CP AoR agreed principles, standards, tools and other products at all levels within the organisation, and with partners.
  • Actively participate in child protection coordination at field-level fora.
  • In contexts or situations where inter-agency tools are not appropriate, coordinate with other responding agencies and agreeing on an alternative.
  • Provide inputs to inter-agency tools and resources produced by the group, according to area of expertise, mandate and interests; endorse these tools and resources.
  • Attend one face-to-face meeting of the group per year.

Association is open to organisations and individuals, without any formal procedure, and does not entail any explicit commitments. In recognition of the important contribution made by individual consultants and personnel, these individuals are also welcome to be associated with the CP AoR.

Without joining the group in any formal way, any person or organisation is also welcome to make use of the resources on this website.

General Members


Founded in 2008, himaya strives for a radical change to improve the lives of children in Lebanon. It works to prevent violence against children and offer the support needed for abused children on a psychosocial and legal level.

Grow Strong Foundation

Grow Strong Foundation aims to protect, prevent and improve the living condition of vulnerable children, women and adolescent girls through continuous advocacy, community sensitization, education and response to Gender Base violence.

Public Aid Organization

Well-rooted in Iraq, PAO is implementing numerous services in the protection (including child protection, gender-based violence and housing land property), livelihoods and social cohesion, education, and civil society and human rights.


Initiative Departementale Contre la Traite et le Trafic des Enfants (IDETTE) is a Haitian humanitarian, development and fight for the most vulnerable children's rights to provide a response to Various cases of trafficking and child abuse in Haiti.


CCBRS is working to help the most marginalized and vulnerable people in Somaliland by providing adequate community based protection, social and development services in equal opportunities in all areas of life.


KP Child Protection and Welfare Commission (KP-CPWC) aims to provide for the care, protection, maintenance, welfare, training, education, rehabilitation and reintegration of children at risk in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


Founded in 2009, Peace and Development Organization (PADO) works to facilitate an enabling environment for building social capital for poverty reduction by mobilizing the communities towards sustainable development.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps helps communities forge new paths to prosperity in the face of disaster, poverty and the impacts of climate change, and connects people to the resources and opportunities they need to build strong, stable livelihoods for future challenges.

Terre des Hommes

Terre des hommes protects the world’s most vulnerable children, particularly those exposed to the risks of migration, subject to exploitation and in conflict with the law.


La Convention pour le Développement et le Bien-être Sociale (C.D.S.) is a non-profit organization for development and humanitarian action founded in DRC, focusing on e.g. providing protection and education for children in difficult situations.

Right to Play

Right To Play has the mission of protecting, educating and empowering children to rise above adversity using the power of play.

All Survivors Project

All Survivors Project (ASP) is an independant, impartial, international organisation that works to improve global responses for every victim/survivor of sexual violence including men and boys in situations of armed conflict and forced displacement.

Street Child

Currently, 125 million school-aged children are out of education worldwide. Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty.

Associate Members



Asociacion De Apoyo Al Desarrollo (APOYAR) aims at generating and strengthening the human capacities of the communities served, since they are aware of the transformative potential that people have over their environment and their realities.


International Bureau for Children's Rights (IBCR) aims to strengthen the capacities of people who work directly with children by sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as by developing tools and reference manuals.


Kurdistan Children Nest (KCN) is an independent humanitarian non-governmental organization working for preserving rights of children by developing and implementing income generation projects in Kalar and Sulaimaniyah city in Iraq.


Strategies for Northern Development (SND) is a Kenyan NGO that aims to encourage and support local initiatives that enhance sustainable development through the adoption of cutting edge technologies and approaches.

Sawa Association for Development

Sawa Association For Development is dedicated to the educational and social development of the residents of Bekaa, Lebanon. It focuses on environmental issues, GBV, child protection, child marriage, human rights and domestic violence.


Socio-Economic Development and Human Rights Organization (SEDHURO) mission is to contribute and foster the ideals of e.g. human rights, democracy, good governance, safety and security, targeting the most vulnerable and hard to reach population.


Child's Destiny and Development Organization (CHIDDO) envisions a transformed and flourished life of every vulnerable and needy child who contributes positively in the society, and is committed to dignity, development and welfare of all children.


Jafra Foundation for Relief and Youth Development works to serve vulnerable groups in Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon and Syria, while also extending its services to refugees in Greece and Sweden.

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