What We Do

With our strategy, we aim to ensure the efforts of national and international humanitarian actors to protect children are well coordinated, achieving maximum quality and impact.

With our initiatives and collaborations, we aim to develop or improve operational standards, assessments and analysis, and the overall capacity of the child protection in humanitarian action workforce.

Our goals for 2020-2024

  • Strengthen advocacy, policy and integrated approaches to better prioritize and deliver safe and inclusive child protection services through key partnerships.
  • Enhance the coordination of child protection responses through the provision of flexible, timely and appropriate operational support, both remote and in country.
  • Strengthen already existing and locally owned child protection coordination systems and improve local service provision through close collaboration with local governments, civil society, protection actors, other clusters/sectors and national actors while adhering to the principle of neutrality.
  • Improve the quality of child protection prevention and preparedness measures and responses through quality monitoring systems, stronger analysis and the building of an evidence base of good practice.

How to get involved

  • Organizations who are interested in improving child protection in emergencies can join as members.
  • Individuals or relevant organisations can join as associate members.

See our initiatives and collaborations below.



Key Resources:  Inter-Agency Toolkit on Localisation in Humanitarian Coordination (Global CP AoR, Global Education…


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)

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Child Protection and Education in Emergencies (CP - EiE)

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Preventing Violence Against Children

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Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF)

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Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) for Children on the Move

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Government Leadership & Engagement

The CP AoR recognises that States have the primary role and responsibility in the initiation, organisation,…

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Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative (CASI)

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Child Protection/Mine Action ProCap Support Mission

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