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Malawi Catch-Up Clubs (CuCs) Sponsorship Evaluation

COVID-19 was estimated to impact 1.6 billion students adding to the already existing learning crisis. The vulnerable groups of children such as those living in poverty, having a disability, and being at risk of child labour and displacement were likely to be most affected by the global disruptions…

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Cash and Vouchers Assistance (CVA) and Child Protection: Summary of practice and evidence from Save the Children programmes 2023 Edition

In an effort to increase global knowledge and learning, Save the Children conducted a global review of twenty Country Offices and their programs in order to assess and highlight the impact that different forms of Cash and Vouchers Assistance (CVA) have on Child Protection (CP) outcomes, to identify…

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Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) for Children Associated with Armed Groups and Armed Forces (CAAFAG): A case study from Save the Children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

In 2022 and 2023, Save the Children scaled up its use of CVA for Child Protection programming through various pilot projects. Taking stock of the evidence review findings, Save the Children conducted research in 2022-23 in three countries (the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt and the…

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LIFT Lab in 2023: A Year of Experimentation and Impact for Children

LIFT Lab is the global innovation team at Save the Children. ​ We support innovators to explore new solutions that accelerate impact for Children. ​ Our innovations have delivered results. For every dollar invested in LIFT LAB, our projects have raised more than five dollars.​ ​In 2023, we are…

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Cash on the Move Report 2023: Lessons Learnt from the Ukraine Regional Response

This report focuses on key programmatic and operational lessons learnt from SC’s Ukraine regional response in the use of CVA as a tool to provide assistance to populations on the move. It is organized around key enablers, challenges and recommendation during start up, implementation and monitoring…

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Mapping Their Own Solutions: Centering Children Affected by Climate-Driven Migration in Kenya

Climate crises and conflicts are the two main drivers of rural-urban migration. Children are increasingly migrating from rural to urban areas to avoid climate threats. The research aimed to explore the drivers and experiences of migrating children and their families from rural areas to urban towns…

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2024 Malawi Country Office Monthly Spotlight on SHIFT

Shift is a Save the Children campaign accelerator designed to support young activists to design and deliver public campaigns for social or environmental change. In Malawi, since April 2022, the youth campaigners are taking lead in addressing critical issues such as waste management, school dropouts…

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UNICEF Global Cluster Coordination Section Quarterly Newsletter #10, January 2024

Read the latest from the UNICEF's Global Cluster Coordination Section, featuring news across UNICEF-led clusters — Child Protection, Education, Nutrition, and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.  This issue includes insights into how humanitarian coordination enables humanitarian assistance in the most…

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Predicting the Potential Impact of Scaling up Four Pneumonia Interventions on Under-five Pneumonia Mortality

Pneumonia remains the leading cause of mortality in under-five children outside the neonatal period. Progress has slowed down in the last decade, necessitating increased efforts to scale up effective pneumonia interventions.

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Türkiye and Syria Earthquake 1-year Anniversary Impact Report

It’s been one year since massive earthquakes hit southern Türkiye and northern Syria, yet families are still struggling to recover. Hundreds of thousands of families in Türkiye are still living in temporary shelters after their homes were destroyed. In Syria, a significant escalation of conflict…

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