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Colombia and Lebanon Evaluation Report: Measuring the impact of cash on child protection outcomes

As humanitarian crises break down traditional protection mechanisms and the loss of income restricts access to basic resources, children become increasingly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) is a critical modality that is increasingly being…

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Malawi Catch-Up Clubs (CuCs) Sponsorship Evaluation

COVID-19 was estimated to impact 1.6 billion students adding to the already existing learning crisis. The vulnerable groups of children such as those living in poverty, having a disability, and being at risk of child labour and displacement were likely to be most affected by the global disruptions…

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A review of remote CP case management capacity building

In response to the enormous protection risks faced by children in Syria, an INGO has worked with its partners to establish a cadre of child protection case workers in the Northeast of the country. An essential part of this effort has been to develop the capacity of local actors. This evaluation…

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