Operational Support

The CP AoR provides in-country and remote support to inter-agency coordination groups and their members throughout 40 countries, via a rapid inquiry service and community of practice managed by the Help Desks along with in-depth remote support and deployments facilitated by the Field Support Team.

Starter Pack

Toolkit for Country Coordination Teams

The Starter Pack for Child Protection Coordinators and Information Management Officers is a set of core tools and examples for each phase of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle, useful for those just starting out in these roles.

Help Desk

Rapid, remote support available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

The Help Desk is a remote support services for members of the CP AoR and country-based coordination groups. The query service provides immediate, tailored support, facilitates linkages with peers in other countries and other experts, and manages communities of practice in multiple languages.


In-country support

The CP AoR provides in-country coordination support through a variety of options, including the CP AoR Field Support Team (FST). The FST provides high quality, rapidly deployable child protection coordination and information management technical capacity in humanitarian situations. Deployments are made to UNICEF, as the Lead Agency for Child Protection, to support the inter-agency coordination of child protection responses at country-level.

Capacity Development

Enhancing capacity to coordinate humanitarian responses

To strengthen the capacities of Coordinators, Information Management Officers and members of coordination groups is essential to ensure a timely, quality, well-coordinated response to meet the needs of children and families.

Community of Practice (CoP)

A safe, online space for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPHA) practitioners

The Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (Global CP AoR) and Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action have partnered to organize and facilitate this Community of Practice (CoP) to provide a safe, online space for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPHA) practitioners to communicate with other practitioners and share resources, updates and promising practices


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