Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) for Children on the Move

In 2017, UNICEF and IOM jointly launched the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) for Children on The Move project, which aims to improve the evidence-base of needs and risks faced by children in situations of forced displacement or migration to facilitate timely and informed child protection and education humanitarian response. Since 2018, the Interagency Data and Analysis Helpdesk received and responded to 315 support requests from colleagues in 14 humanitarian agencies/thematic groups, and 3 universities on child protection integration in the DTM and analysis. Support was provided to country offices to 42 countries offices, 6 regions, and staff working at headquarters.  

CP AoR colleagues are encouraged to contact the Project Coordinator for remote or in-person facilitation on collaborating with DTM, identifying information needs, selecting indicators for DTM data collection, and for guidance on how to analyze and use DTM data. Country-specific information on DTM (contact information, data collection methodologies, published reports, and downloadable raw-data) may be found when searching by country on the following website:

For more information and support on child protection integration in the DTM as well as analysis, please contact the Project Coordinator, Shannon Hayes, at


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