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Établir un partenariat stratégique à long terme qui accorde la priorité au bien-être des jeunes

Étude de cas de localisation sur la façon dont l’organisation locale, L’AJEDEC vise à promouvoir le bien-être de la jeunesse en République Démocratique du Congo. Save the Children, son partenaire depuis 2004, le soutient à travers des formations et des capacitations. Comprend des exemples d’…

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Sri Lanka Rapid Needs Assessment February 2023

Since 2022, Sri Lanka has been experiencing a complex and multidimensional macro-economic crisis that has now turned into a humanitarian emergency. The ability of families and communities to manage economic shocks has been significantly impacted, and many households have been forced to adopt…

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Strengthening inclusive social protection systems for displaced children and their families

Social protection has emerged as a crucial policy and programme measure to reduce poverty and help those impacted by crises to prepare for, cope with and recover from shocks. Despite the recognition of the value of social protection, only 26.4 per cent of children globally receive social protection…

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Girls Decide: Life skills to protect and empower girls affected by migration and displacement

Girls Decide is a lifeskills curriculum which aims to empower and protect girls in situations of migration and/or displacement so that they have safer journeys and better outcomes. Girls Decide is designed to be adapted and used in the many different contexts, stages, settings, and situations (…

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Ukraine Response One Year On: Impact report

This report for donors and supporters highlights the impact of Save the Children’s work in Ukraine and across Europe in 2022, supporting children and families who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. It covers the scale of our response, with tangible examples of our work, reach figures, and…

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Guaranteeing Children’s Future: How COVID-19, cost-of-living and climate crises affect children in poverty and what governments in Europe need to do

No country is free of child poverty. Europe is one of the wealthiest regions of the world, yet it has alarming and increasing numbers of children and families living with poverty and social exclusion. This report presents the latest figures, information, and trends on how children and families are…

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Levels and Trends in Child Mortality: Report 2022

In total, more than 5.0 million children under age 5, including 2.3 million newborns, along with 2.1 million children and youth aged 5 to 24 years – 43 per cent of whom are adolescents – died in 2021. This tragic and massive loss of life, most of which was due to preventable or treatable causes, is…

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Building a Long-term and Strategic Partnership that Prioritizes Youth Wellbeing

Localization case study of how local organization, AJEDEC, aims to promote the wellbeing of youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Save the Children, their partner since 2004, helps them succeed through trainings and capacity strengthening. Includes examples of localization activities, impacts…

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Learning Tree, an Innovative Mobile App that Improves Children’s Learning: Key Findings from a Pilot Study

Every child has the right to learn. Yet despite significant progress over the last decade, hundreds of millions of children globally are missing out on an education. In 2021, Save the Children developed Learning Tree – an innovative mobile application that enables children in low-resource and…

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Can light-touch enhancements improve postpartum family planning use among first-time mothers?

This factsheet presents a summary of findings from small-scale testing of an integrated approach in Tanzania.

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