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Key Considerations and Tips for Children's Participation

As part of the Global Child Protection AoR's "Working Across Sectors" workshop package, specifically Module 4 on Child Participation, we have compiled a short 'Key Considerations and Tips' resource for promoting children's participation throughout the humanitarian programme cycle.   This resource…

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Colombia and Lebanon Evaluation Report: Measuring the impact of cash on child protection outcomes

As humanitarian crises break down traditional protection mechanisms and the loss of income restricts access to basic resources, children become increasingly vulnerable to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) is a critical modality that is increasingly being…

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Save the Children: Who We Are

This short document is for anyone who wishes to learn more about Save the Children – who we are, what we do, and how we create positive, lasting change for and with children.

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2024 Malawi Country Office Monthly Spotlight on SHIFT

Shift is a Save the Children campaign accelerator designed to support young activists to design and deliver public campaigns for social or environmental change. In Malawi, since April 2022, the youth campaigners are taking lead in addressing critical issues such as waste management, school dropouts…

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Save the Children Child Labour Fundraising Brief

This concise child labor fundraising brief serves as a valuable resource for fundraisers, technical experts, and project managers seeking comprehensive information on child labour. The material is aptly designed for external use with donors too. Highlighted within are insights from rapid…

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Logros de la oficina de Bolivia año 2023

Les compartimos el boletín que presenta las actividades y los logros alcanzados en este 2023. Dentro del documento encontrarán los principales logros y actividades realizadas por área temática. Son muchos los retos y desafíos que tenemos, pero también hemos logrado avances significativos que…

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2023 Malawi Country Office Stories of Change Resilient Economic Development Gains (RED) Project

Running from July 2019 to June 2024 with funding from Save the Children Italy, the project is focusing on the health and economic status of families with under five children, out of school youth aged15-24 years and women of childbearing age. In total, the project is reaching 4,200 beneficiaries…

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The community has good perceptions towards the management of acute malnutrition by community health volunteers: Findings from a qualitative study in Northern Kenya

Acute malnutrition is a persistent problem in Kenya’s drylands. In these settings, caregivers face geographic and economic challenges in accessing health services for malnourished children, leading to low service coverage and sub-optimal treatment outcomes. This study conducted in Turkana and…

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2023 Malawi Country Office Stories of Change – Localisation Pilot Project

Funded by Save the Children Italy, the Malawi Localisation Pilot Project (Dec 2021-May 2023) aimed at strengthening the capacity of government structures and civil society in Zomba and Neno districts in Malawi to prevent emergencies and respond effectively during emergencies.

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Let’s Play! Save the Children and Play: Brief

Play is a right and contributes to outcomes linked to all three of our breakthroughs: learn, survive, protect. This Brief is a teaser to the full Guidance Note – where we look more deeply into what play is and how it might contribute to children’s learning and development outcomes. Want to learn…

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