Navigating global guidance: The accessibility and use of global guidance research brief

The Child Protection Area of Responsibility (CP AoR) and  Global Education Cluster (GEC) develop, commission and disseminate technical learning on various topics to support practitioners around the world. National Child Protection AoRs and Education Clusters work with a large number of local and national partner organisations that may find local and global resources challenging to access, understand and use.

To improve accessibility and use of technical guidance for local actors, the CP AoR, GEC, and Translators without Borders partnered to identify practical recommendations that would eradicate barriers related to language and format. The research focused on three different humanitarian contexts: Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Mozambique.

The findings presented in this report are intended to support organizations commissioning new content, adapting or updating existing content, or considering disseminating content to ensure it is as accessible and useful as possible to practitioners in emergency contexts.

Both the full report and four-page brief are available.  The full report provides key tips, specific suggestions from the three selected countries, feedback on existing materials, and survey results.  The brief summarizes main barriers, suggestions to overcome barriers, and why accessibility of guidance is critically important in humanitarian contexts.

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