General Support Group Curriculum

This General Support Group Curriculum is a guidance and orientation package focused on support group interventions for children, adolescents, and families who require basic emotional and practical support in humanitarian settings.  This guidance intends to be a basis for training and orientation for resource persons who will work with children in small groups and favors the integration of MHPSS level three interventions into child protection activities.

Many young people who have developed difficult emotional reactions consequent to their adverse life circumstances do not reach out for available psychosocial support. There may also be very few MHPSS-trained actors responding to the crisis, especially in remote areas of the country.

Although they are not as numerous as young people who do not experience major blockages in this type of situation, their number combined with the scarcity of MHPSS-trained actors still warrants group-based approaches for psychosocial recovery and stabilization.

The general support group curriculum aims to help young people with weak supports to address psychosocial challenges that disrupt their sense of safety, security, and hope, so that they can eventually process difficult memories and grieve their multiple losses as necessary for full psychosocial recovery and stabilization. The emphasis is on encouraging mutual aid among the group’s membership and links with wider community supports.

The support group curriculum can be implemented by para-professional staff with a commitment to child protection, preferably under supervision by at least a child protection specialist.  

The curriculum is available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and Ukrainian.  

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