Gender with Age Marker (GAM) - Tip sheets for 2021 HPC

See the GAM Child Protection Tipsheet here, together with other resources for coordinators and IMOs to use the Gender with Age Marker (gMA).

The new IASC Gender with Age Marker was launched in June 2019, and is now a mandatory part of the Humanitarian Program Cycle for all IASC & UN Agencies and their partners.

It is the process of completing the GAM that improves the quality of action, not the score; users report that when teams sit together to discuss the questions, it draws attention to gender- and age-related concerns that might otherwise have been overlooked.   

For the GAM to have its intended impact on project quality, it must be clear that the code received is in no way tied to project acceptance or funding.   It should not be used by external actors attempting to judge project quality or enforce compliance with a particular standard. that the purpose of the GAM is not to evaluate or judge projects. 

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