Child Protection and COVID-19: Lessons Learned from East Asia and the Pacific

The Child Protection Area of Responsibility (AoR) is working with is partners and the wider response effort to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and caregivers and to help ensure the continuity of protection services. With such a fast moving and unique emergency, the CP AoR is supporting coordination and the rapid sharing of lessons learned and good practice, enabling CP actors to deepen their understanding of how both the pandemic, and the social constraints aimed to mitigate it, are impacting child protection risks and responses.

To support this aim, the Child Protection AoR and UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office co-hosted a regional webinar on Thursday 2nd April. The webinar was attended by over 250 representatives from NGOs, INGOs, Government agencies, ASEAN Secretariat and the UN.  Key lessons learned included the important role of child protection community workers in China and several examples of how information was disseminated through various media to children and caregivers.  Participants stressed the urgent need to advocate for Child Protection as a priority and the importance of planning ahead.

To read more about the lessons learned, download the document below. 

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