This page presents a selection of resources to assist Child Protection Coordination Teams (CP Coordinators, Co-Coordinators, and Information Management Officers/Specialists) to prepare the Humanitarian Needs Overview and Humanitarian Response Plan (HNO / HRP).

For 2024, we are pleased to share with you the below package of resources to guide your work during the HNO and HRP process. 

The package is available in 3 languages: [English], [French], [Spanish].

Document Type Comment
Module 1. HPC Overview (and the Child Protection approach through the NIAF)
Module 2. CP Severity Analysis 

Module 3. CP CiN and target

PPT with voice recorded guidance (press play on the bottom right corner of slides)

Document includes links to the main reference material

Module 4. MHPSS in the HPC PPT (without voice recording) Watch first MHPSS video and read the targeting guidance below
Module 5. Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) PPT with voice recorded guidance (press play on the bottom left corner of slides) Also Read 3-pager on CVA for CP in the HPC (see resource 11 below). Only available in English.  
6. Suggested CP Severity Indicators Excel Revised for HPC 2024
7. Tipsheet to Integrate Localisation in the HNO and HRP 1-pager PDF document  
8. Key aspects on MHPSS 4min video (click here) For translation, enable subtitles on the right button below and on the settings select the option to translate automatically into the language of your preference.
9. MHPSS targeting guidance PDF document  
10. Cash integration for Cash and Voucher Assistance 9min video Only available in English
11. Tip sheet on integrating CVA in HNOs and HRPs for CP    
12. Collaboration between CP and Education in the HNO and HRP process 7min video See also tip sheet on inclusion of CP-EiE in the HPC.  Available in English and French.
13. CP-EiE Inclusion Tip Sheet in the HPC 1-page PDF document Only available in English and French
14. Disability Inclusion Tip Sheet in the HNO 2 page PDF document Only available in English
15. Disability Inclusion Tip Sheet in the HRP 2 page PDF document Only available in English
16. Tip Sheet for CP—GBV integration in the HNO and HRP 4 page PDF document Only available in English

Other resources: 

HPC 2024 Facilitation Package, including step-by-step guidance, templates, and tipsheets.  May need to login to access. 

Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework 2.0

Global CP AoR HNO/HRP Checklist

Advocacy Checklist on Targeting and Costing for CP in the HPC helps ensure targeting and costing within needs overviews and response planning is based on needs and in line with the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS).

Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF): a conceptual framework that creates a common approach across Child Protection coordination and response actors on the continuous needs identification and data interpretation exercise.

Gender with Age Marker (GAM) Tip sheets for Child Protection 

CP AoR presentation from the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) webinar: includes key resources and provides an overview of the guidance related to HPC process (June 2021)

Brief on Setting Humanitarian Target Levels 

CP AoR Guidance Note on defining "in need" and "targeted" populations for Child Protection.

Do not hesitate to use the CP Coordinators & IM Skype Group in case you have questions and need good examples from your colleagues in other countries. For more individualized support, you can contact the relevant language Help Desks, and they will provide support and link in other relevant CP AoR team members.


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