The Child and Adolescents Protection Area of Responsibility (PNNA AdR) was activated in Venezuela in June 2019 as a coordination forum at the national and sub-national level through which child protection partners (i.e. related government institutions, international organizations and national humanitarian organizations) coordinate interventions, seek consensus on issues, create links for better prioritization of available resources and commitment to CPMS. Thereby, the Area of Responsibility’s main objective is responding in an orderly manner to the protection needs of children and adolescents caused by the socio-political instability in Venezuela.

Country Key Contacts

Yesica Serrano

Coordinator [email protected]

Wendy Torres

Co-coordinator [email protected]

Eduardo Ramirez

Information Management Officer [email protected]

Key Figures

2024 Response plan in numbers

People in Need
0.4 M
People Targeted
28.5 M
Funding Requested
0 M
Funding Received

2023 Key Figures


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