State of Palestine


The State of Palestine remains a protracted protection crisis, where too many Palestinians struggle to meet their most basic needs and live in dignity. The crisis is characterized by more than 54 years of military occupation, lack of respect for international humanitarian and human rights law, internal Palestinian political divisions, and recurrent escalations of hostilities between Israel and Palestinian armed groups both in Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Humanitarian organisations have been actively engaged in providing assistance, offering support services, and advocating for the protection of children's rights in this volatile environment. However, the complexity of the situation persists, demanding continuous efforts to safeguard the safety and welfare of children impacted by the conflict. The Child Protection AoR main goal is to provide comprehensive and timely response to the protection needs of the boys and girls affected by the conflict.

Country Key Contacts

Jessica Dixon

National Coordinator [email protected]

Mohanad AlHami

Sub-national (Gaza) Coordinator [email protected]

Wasfy AbuZanoona

Sub-national (Gaza) Coordinator [email protected]

Nour AlHaj Ali

National Information Management Officer [email protected]

Ketan Trivedi

National Information Management Officer [email protected]


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