The Child Protection Area of Responsibility Honduras (CP AoR) was activated in February 2021. The CP AoR Honduras is led by UNICEF and around 20 organizations between government and NGO's are part of it.

Country Key Contacts

Tania Padilla

Coordinator lead [email protected]

Ligia Mencia

Coordinator (co-lead) [email protected]

Sonia Bustos

Information Management Officer [email protected]

Key Figures

2024 Response plan in numbers

544 K
People in Need
245 K
People Targeted
12 M
Funding Requested
0.4 M
Funding Received

Country Overview

Humanitarian Situation

Honduras has a very fragile situation that makes children extremely vulnerable. The current response is focused in providing assistance to people in mixed movements (migration, IDPs and returnees), people affected by food insecurity, violence, climate change and natural disasters.

Adding to development problems and the vulnerability of its population to violence and poverty, in the year 2020, Honduras like many other countries had the COVID-19 emergency. In November 2020 unexpectedly two tropical storms, ETA and IOTA, hit Honduras, one next to the other in the same month. After that the Clusters were activated. At the moment, Honduras is still trying to recover from these disasters. These and other factors as droughts in other areas of the country increased the number of internal displacements and migration. Honduras also has a mixed influx of migrants on the Southern border, which has increased tremendously in the last years. Also a high number of Honduras nationals, among them children, are being returned from the North. Some families and children re-enter the country without being noticed by authorities or registered. All of these circumstances make a very unstable situation for children. The resilience of the population and children is very fragile at the moment because of the unexpected added situations.

2024 Key Figures


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