Child Safeguarding, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and GBV Risk Mitigation Resources

You will find below a number of resources to help ensure we prevent and mitigate risks of Gender-Based Violence and keep children safe from any possible harm caused by staff, associates, operations or programmes.

Let's start with three essential websites: 

1. Keeping Children Safe presents the international child safeguarding standards.

2. The IASC GBV guidelines website presents the guidelines for integrating GBV interventions in humanitarian actions. 

3. PSEA Taskforce website explores the subject of protection from sexual exploitation and abuse by personnel of the UN, NGOs and other international organisations.

We also highly recommend using: 

The GBV Pocket Guide. This is a guide on how to support survivors of GBV when a GBV actor is not available in your area and can be used by all humanitarian practitioners. Available also as an app for Android and IOS

The Caring for Child Survivors (CCS) of Sexual Abuse Guidelines for health and psychosocial service providers in humanitarian settings  provide a practical approach to helping child survivors, and their families, recover and heal from the impacts of sexual abuse. ARABIC / ENGLISH / FRENCH

The IASC Guidelines for Integrating GBV Interventions in Humanitarian Actions – Child Protection. The purpose of this guide is to assist child protection in emergencies practitioners to take essential actions for the prevention and mitigation of gender-based violence (GBV). It is a pretty long document but it provides very practical guidance. We very much like the “Essential to know” boxes!

The Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Quality Framework is a great tool to help us identify barriers that women and girls may face to access humanitarian aid and services. 

For further GBV resources please see our selection of GBV resources for CP actors.



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